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Joe’s Lying Has Destroyed His Empathy Image

By Matt Vespa


Joe Biden once again sabotaged a winning public event because he decided to grief peddle and make it about himself. It was a speech addressing the families of officers who have died in the line of duty. It was part of a National Police Week event, with the speech delivered at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

It’s an easy lay-up regarding presidential duties, but Joe, thinking his popularity and reputation as Mr. Empathy is untouchable, decided to make the address about himself. As he did in front of active servicemembers, the Francis Scott Key Bridge, and other events where tragedy is a theme, Joe thinks Dead Beau will earn him points, or at least, disgustingly, shield him from criticism.

Beau died from brain cancer. That’s not the same as a death in the line of duty or a combat death. The president has sometimes given the impression that Beau was killed in Iraq.

It’s a lie.

Only a Democrat suffering from dementia could think that brain cancer and a line-of-duty death are comparable. Joe can’t even remember when Beau died, which could partially explain why he is dragging his dead son around, hoping to score political points…



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