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Judge Reportedly Said Second Amendment Doesn’t Exist In Courtroom, Man Faces 18 Years In Prison For Gunsmithing

By Danielle


There’s been a case in New York that should be making headlines around the United States but hasn’t garnered much media coverage. 

The case involves Dexter Taylor, a New York native convicted of 13 weapons charges after having been arrested and charged in 2022 for gunsmithing.

“He liked the nature of putting together guns from lawfully purchased parts,” Bearing Arms stated.

However, the tyrannical state of New York came after Taylor for his gunsmithing hobby.

Jeff Charles provided details about the case at RedState:

The jury found Taylor guilty of second-degree criminal possession of a loaded weapon, four counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, five counts of criminal possession of a firearm, second-degree criminal possession of five or more firearms, unlawful possession of pistol ammunition, violation of certificate of registration, prohibition on unfinished frames or receivers. Two lesser charges, including third-degree criminal possession of three or more firearms and third-degree possession of a weapon, were not voted on.

Taylor, a 52-year-old New York native and a software engineer, discovered the world of gunsmithing years ago. He decided to take it up as a hobby and possibly turn it into a business later. However, when a joint ATF/NYPD task force discovered he was legally buying parts from various companies, they opened up an investigation that led to a SWAT raid and arrest.

He is currently being jailed on Rikers Island as he awaits sentencing. Taylor’s conviction highlights the ongoing battle for gun rights. During an interview with Vinoo Varghese, Taylor’s defense lawyer, he detailed how Taylor’s trial proceeded and highlighted a distinct bias in favor of the prosecution.

Varghese described how Taylor became fascinated by weapon science during the COVID-19 lockdowns, which inspired him to take up his gunsmithing hobby. “He ended up building, I believe it was eight pistols and five rifles or six rifles, AR-style rifles, and then eight or nine Glock pistols that he built,” Varghese said.

According to Varghese, the judge presiding over the case said the Second Amendment doesn’t exist in their courtroom.

“She told us, ‘Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here. So you can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York,’” Varghese told RedState…


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