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Kamala Harris boasts of dropping ‘trillions of dollars on streets’

By Bob Unruh


And social media takes her apart…

Inflation has hit Americans very hard ever since Joe Biden took office. The numbers show that their cost of living is up 19% just since then. And individual categories, like food and energy, are higher.

A large part of the push for that inflation has been the federal government’s decision to toss around cash like confetti, with multiple trillion dollar spending packages.

Now Kamala Harris is boasting about just that.

Specifically, the Biden administration’s success at “dropping trillions of dollars on streets of America.”

The social media reaction was more or less instant. And it was more or less negative.

“She is priceless! Her very existence violates campaign finance laws unless Republicans start to claim her on their Schedule B forms. Every appearance is an in-kind contribution!” said one.

Another, “Bahahahaha,” and a third, “She just (unwittingly) admitted they’re responsible for inflation…



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