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Kamala Harris’ Reaction to the Now-Dead Hamas Ceasefire Deal Was Summed Up in Three Words

By Matt Vespa 


It didn’t take long for the Hamas ceasefire deal to fall apart if a serious offer ever existed. This agreement melted faster than ice cream in the Mojave Desert, and the reasons could be as simple as the terror group never agreed to one that was remotely within the realm of sanity. Some were joking that Hamas agreed to a ceasefire they authored, as Israeli officials quickly said the reported conditions were unacceptable. As we speak, Israeli forces are moving into Rafah, the last Hamas bastion in Gaza.

Vice President Kamala Harris was asked about the agreement, which she ignored. When pressed about how she felt about today’s now-dead ceasefire, Harris replied, “Shrimp and grits.” The press corps caught Harris leaving with her lunch.

Some noted that the vice president seldom gets serious questions, so maybe she was off-guard. On the other hand, the vice presidency has never been more vital now since we have a mentally degraded Joe Biden. This office is an assurance that there will be continuity, and we will have “shrimp and grits” as the answer from the person who could potentially captain the ship of state should anything happen to Joe Biden…



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