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Kash Patel: Senior Military Officials Intentionally Delayed National Guard Deployment on January 6th

By Rusty Weiss


People at the highest levels of government reportedly bypassed a direct, lawful command from President Trump because they were concerned about “optics.”

Kash Patel, former chief of staff at the Department of Defense under President Donald Trump, insists recent closed-door congressional testimony demonstrates people at the highest levels of government willfully ignored an authorization by the former president to deploy troops to the Capitol on January 6th.

A New York Times article published last week outlines interviews and a public hearing with the House Administration Committee by multiple members of the Guard. The revelations can potentially dismantle the prevailing insurrection narrative in the media and shed light on political manipulations at the highest levels of government.

Ryan D. McCarthy, the Secretary of the Army at the time of the Capitol protest, according to the testimony, failed to deploy the National Guard to help Capitol Police restore order and instead “made a series of phone calls to lawmakers and members of the media.”

McCarthy was reportedly phoned three times with a request to deploy members by Gen. William J. Walker, then the commander of the D.C. Guard.

“I was standing right there on several occasions when he tried to call, and it went directly to voice mail,” Brig. Gen. Aaron R. Dean II, then the Guard’s adjutant general, testified.

Dean added, “He (McCarthy) was in the building, but he wasn’t available.”

Breach in the Chain of Command

The latest testimony puts McCarthy alongside General Mark Milley as having seemingly contravened authorization from then-President Trump regarding the deployment of the National Guard on January 6.

The pair allegedly, prior to and on that date, pushed back on calls to deploy the Guard due to political optics, affecting the national response to the Capitol breach…



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