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Kid Rock dishes on encounter with Anheuser-Busch CEO, has a ‘bottom line’ message for trans community

By Tom Tillison 


Self-proclaimed “un-cancelable” rocker Kid Rock standing up for the little guy is part of who he is and he appeared on Fox News’ Hannity this week to express support for Bud Light workers after previously blasting the brand for its embrace of transgender “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney.

Host Sean Hannity noted that Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Richie, attended a UFC fight over the weekend appearing with Dana White and former President Donald Trump — UFC recently struck a $105 million-a-year sponsorship deal with Bud Light, as Anheuser-Busch goes about proving that if you throw enough money around anything is possible, including unburying an all but dead beer brand.

With a focus on “working-class people,” Kid Rock said, “they had no dog in this fight” and that while he may disagree with Bud Light’s decision to partner with Mulvaney he regrets the impact the company’s actions had — the iconic rocker posted a viral video back in April shooting up cases of Bud Light beer…


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