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Leftist insists moms and dads confirm transgenderism in kids, or they’re ‘abusers’

By Bob Unruh


‘I’ve seen what happens when LGBTQ kids don’t have supportive parents’

A columnist in the Guardian is insisting that parents affirm any LGBT lifestyle chosen by a child, including transgenderism, or they should be considered “child abusers.”

These comments, according to the Christian Institute, are from Owen Jones, a columnist for the publication.

His comments were in response to a statement from Keir Starmer, a leader in U.K.’s Labour party, who simply said children should not be “making life-altering decisions to appear like the opposite sex without the consent of their parents.”

Jones is demanding that parental authority be suspended, and that moms and dads endorse and promote lifestyle choices by their children, up to and including body mutilating transgender surgeries.



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