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LOL: Princeton Protesters MOCKED After Announcing ‘Rotary Hunger Strikes’

By FuzzyChimp 


We’ve been keeping you up to date on the Princeton hunger strikers and it just got even funnier.

We knew it would, but this is even better than we’d imagined. We were sure they’d wimp out not long into their stunt, but they’re quitting AND claiming they’re not quitting.


The Left is notorious for inventing new language anytime it suits them, but this is flat-out hilarious.

You can’t ‘pass the baton’ in a hunger strike. The whole point is you know … being hungry…

The 13 hunger strikers lasted a meager 9 days before divesting themselves of striking ‘due to health concerns’.

‘Wave 1 went without food for 10 days!’

‘Correction: It was only 9 days.’

We can’t stop laughing!

They’re calling it a ‘rotary hunger strike’, which is a tradition, according to them … but not a tradition Google seems to know much about. It appears a few other groups used the term to pretend to stage a hunger strike a few times and there was a bowling event put on by the Rotary Club to combat hunger that they called the ‘Rotary Hunger Strike’…



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