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Louisiana Set To Legalize Raw Milk Amidst Bird Flu Contagion Fears, But With A List Of Provisions

By Jacob M. Thompson

Louisiana is set to legalize the sale of raw milk in the state, one of the few states in the U.S. that totally bans the sale of it. The bill has been set to Governor Jeff Landry’s desk for a signature.

HB467, a short three-page bill, amends and reenacts a series of existing statutes “relative to the sale of raw milk; to provide for commercial feeds; to provide for definitions; to provide for labeling and inspection; to provide for testing and records; to authorize the commissioner of agriculture to suspend the sale, distribution, or movement on raw milk under certain circumstances; and to provide for related matters.”

During the state Senate vote, a number of legislators could be heard ‘mooing’ in celebration.

The bill, however, still mandates that raw milk providers present a clear warning label that says the dairy product is not meant for human consumption.

The express words “WARNING: NOT FORHUMAN CONSUMPTION – THIS PRODUCT HAS NOT BEEN PASTEURIZED AND MAY CONTAIN HARMFUL BACTERIA”. This statement shall be displayed in a conspicuous manner and shall not be smaller than the height of the minimum form required by the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act for the net quantity statement.

The bill states; and legislates that products and pet food with raw milk in it must clearly state “raw milk” in the ingredients list.

Stringent testing is also required on a monthly basis to mitigate the risks of salmonella outbreaks, and consumers may request to see the most up-to-date laboratory results.

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