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Meet the Avowed Marxist Who Decides What Books Go in Your School Library


Rogue journalist — and I mean that as a huge compliment — Karlyn Borysenko just spent three days “undercover at the largest socialist conference in the country” and brought back hidden audio recordings that might do Project Veritas and O’Keefe Media Group founder James O’Keefe proud.

Saying that “it’s all fun and games until someone infiltrates a socialism conference,” Borysenko snuck into the Socialism 2023 conference at the Chicago Hyatt Regency over the weekend — complete with the obligatory purple hair, oversized black glasses, red knit cap, and COVID virtue-signaling face mask. “The Socialism conference is live-streaming some of their sessions,” she explains in her introductory YouTube video. “I’m getting the stuff they’re not live-streaming.

The disguise — including “Kelty,” an alias — was necessary because Borysenko had been “preemptively banned” from the conference after gatecrashing the Socialist Reproductive Justice conference earlier this year.

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