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More Evidence: The Matrix Screenplay was Stolen

Also, what was Althouse’s real meaning behind the red pill?

I recently posted an article and video with explosive never before heard evidence about the stolen Matrix screenplay. You can see that here: NEW SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE: Disney & Warner Brothers Stole the Matrix Screenplay

This article I am going to provide you with even more details about the theft. Why am I bothering to do this? Because not only is it wrong, but the movie changed culture in many profound ways. Understanding who was actually behind it and what the story was really about provides meaning to what we are experiencing today.

Many do not see the film as fiction but rather as a documentary of our future. Whether it is a realistic view of our future is up for debate, but it is clear that there are factions of our society, those that call themselves the elite, who would very much like to see our future move towards a dystopian future hinted at in the film.

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