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MTG Calls Out Maxine Waters ‘Those Training in the Hills Are HER PEOPLE’

 M Winger


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t holding back!

She’s firing shots in response to Maxine Waters’ claims about right-wing extremists are training up “in the hills.”

Oh no, anything but the hills!

So Greene reposted a story about a left-wing group in Portland setting fire to police vehicles, you know, peaceful stuff.

She said Maxine Waters is right. The twist is that those training are HER people.

Why do the left love to project so much?

The Post Millennial reports:

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene fired back at Maxine Waters’ assertions about right-wing extremists “training” in the event that Donald Trump is not re-elected in November, reposting a story about a left-wing domestic terrorist organization in Portland, Oregon that recently claimed responsibility for setting fire to 15 vehicles that belonged to the Portland Police Department.

“Maxine Waters is right,” MTG said in her repost of the story regarding this Portland attack. “They are training in the hills and THEY are her people.”

“What is the FBI and DOJ doing about the Democrat funded terrorist group ramping up operations all over America again?” she added. “Still too focused on J6 election protesters?”

Waters had previously expressed fear in an interview on Sunday about right-wing organizations allegedly training for potential actions in the event that Trump is not re-elected in 2024. Waters claimed that she was worried  “right-wing” organizations are “training up in the hills somewhere” and would be ready to commit violence.

The group “Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade” claimed responsibility for the Portland attack, explaining in a statement that it broke into a police training facility in Portland and set ten fires as an attack against the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). Their statement cited various motivations for their actions, including solidarity with the anti-Israel protesters engaging in political unrest on college campuses across the country…



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