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MUST SEE: Lara Logan Releases PART II of Her Exclusive Investigation on RAY EPPS! – With Never-Seen-Before Ray Epps Footage and Interviews! – VIDEO

By Jim Hoft

Last week investigative journalist Lara Logan released her much anticipated exclusive investigation on Ray Epps at Truth in Media website.

On Friday Lara Logan released PART II — Lara Logan asks why was Ray Epps treated as victim by the same people who condemned almost everyone around him as a threat?

Lara answers some lingering questions about the one “election-denying-Donald Trump-supporter” the media and the government didn’t seem to hate.

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One Comment

  1. GD Johnson GD Johnson November 12, 2023

    Wow, what an exceptional report on the Jan 6th incident. After viewing both episodes, it appears that Epps is/was working for the Feds and even Republican members of the Jan6th Committee are in on covering it up.

    Can’t wait for episode 3.

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