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New CDC Report Denies Link Between COVID Shots and Sudden Deaths in Young Adults

Critics said the researchers looked only at data in one state, limited the study period to 100 days post-injection and failed to use appropriate search terms for finding possible cases of cardiac death related to COVID-19 vaccination.

Mainstream news outlets, including NBC and Forbes, picked up on the CDC’s analysis, erroneously reporting that it showed there is “no evidence” that COVID-19 vaccines are linked to fatal heart problems in young people.

Meanwhile, critics — including Brian Hooker, Ph.D.Children’s Health Defense (CHD) chief scientific officer, and Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist —  said the CDC’s study was flawed, and that its authors failed to mention many prior studies documenting a link between COVID-19 vaccination and cardiac problems.

“This study disproves nothing,” Hooker told The Defender. “There are myriad studies showing the link between COVID-19 vaccination and cardiac sequelae — this is just CDC’s Band-Aid to cover all of the good science with a poorly thought out and deceptive study.”

McCullough told The Defender, “As a cardiologist, I do not find this study reassuring.”

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