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New York Hospital Performs World’s First Whole-Eye And Partial Face Transplant On Veteran


By  Jacob M. Thompson

A surgical team from NYU Langone Health performed the world’s first whole-eye and partial face transplant for a 46-year-old military veteran from Arkansas who survived a work-related high-voltage electrical accident.

The following report is press release by NYU Langone Health:

The surgery included transplanting the entire left eye and a portion of the face from a single donor, making this the first-ever human whole-eye transplant in medical history and the only successful combined transplant case of its kind.

While it is still unknown whether he will regain sight, since the May 2023 procedure, the transplanted left eye has shown remarkable signs of health, including direct blood flow to the retina—the area at the back of the eye that receives light and sends images to the brain. Although many questions remain in a case with no precedence, this groundbreaking achievement opens new possibilities for future advancements in vision therapies and related medical fields.

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