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New York Targets Glock For Ban Due To MACHINE GUN Conversion

 M Winger


Well, well, well, looks like New York is taking a shot at being the first state to put the brakes on Glock.

Yeah, because that’s the source of violence in New York, not the violent groups they turn a blind eye to. Idiots.

But Glock’s not the only company.

They’re targeting any pistols that can easily transform into machine guns.

A Democrat, big surprise, Sen. Zellnor Myrie is leading the charge with a new proposed law.

Critics say Glocks are too easily converted into automatic weapons.

So called Gun safety groups (read gun banning groups) are furious about this.

Dems are willing to go through any mental gymnastics rather than deal with the real issue.

Not to mention Dem leaders just flat out want to disarm the public.

HuffPost reports:

New York may become the first state to bar gun companies from selling pistols that can easily be converted into machine guns.

A proposed law, introduced Tuesday by Democratic state Sen. Zellnor Myrie, takes aim squarely at Glock. The Austrian company, whose polymer-framed pistols have played a dominant role in the handgun market since the 1980s, has faced growing criticism from gun safety groups for declining to modify a design that easily converts into an automatic weapon.

“Any business operating in New York State must take basic responsibility for its behavior in the marketplace,” Myrie said in a press release. “When an industry knows the harm its products are causing, but refuses to take meaningful steps to prevent it, government must step up to protect New Yorkers.”

If the bill passes, gun dealers who continue to sell easily convertible pistols could face felony charges…



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