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Newt Gingrich Once Again Called In To Protect The Corrupt

By L Todd Wood

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has been once again trotted out to protect the corrupt cabal from the American people.

Now that Speaker Mike Johnson has been shown to be a liar, and is facing the wrath of a populist minority that can oust him from power for his new-found support for Ukraine aid, Gingrich is attempting to ride to the rescue, not for you and I or course, but for corrupt interests sending all our money to oligarchs in Eastern Europe while America is invaded.

“The truth is, I would blame head-on the people who are acting like selfish idiots,” Gingrich said, mentioning MAGA Congressman Matt Gaetz. “I’d start with [Matt] Gaetz, but I would say the list goes on. He’s the super narcissist,” reported Politico.

When asked about Ukraine aid, Gingrich, who never served in combat or wore the American uniform, declared, ““Brave men die but once…A coward dies a hundred deaths.”

“Show me the 218 you’ve got for somebody,” because otherwise what you’re doing is putting us through three weeks of looking like idiots — which Gaetz managed to do. It was bad enough that it took 15 ballots for McCarthy to finally win. But to then turn and destroy his speakership, throwing the entire party and the entire House into [chaos] …

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