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Pelosi-Aligned Super PAC Spends $20 Million on Midterms to Save House Majority


House Majority PAC, the largest outside group for Democrat congressional campaigns aligned with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), will reportedly spend $19.9 million across 23 media markets in an attempt to save the party’s slim majority.

In the numbers first reported by Axios, Pelosi’s Super PAC will spend roughly $20 million in an attempt to flood the airwaves from September to the November election night.

The campaign ads will reportedly tout the party’s accomplishments, which the Democrats have had little of, and attack their Republican opponents, which they call “extremist,” despite their own radical bills they have attempted to pass.

House Majority PAC will use this as an attempt to boost the House Democrats in the final months of the midterm cycle, where they are projected to lose the majority and give the Republicans a majority of between 12 and 35 seats…

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