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Pennsylvania House passes 2 of 4 anti-gun bills

By Tom Knighton

The state of Pennsylvania has been pretty pro-gun. Despite having Philadelphia and Pittsburg–two major urban centers which one would have expected to shift the state’s politics long ago–it’s mostly remained pro-gun.

However, on Monday, the state House took a couple of steps to change that. Despite that, it didn’t go quite as badly as it could have.

The Pennsylvania House voted Monday on a package of gun control bills – the first such measures in years to be considered by the full chamber.

Democrats could only get two of the four proposals passed.

Lawmakers voted in favor of requiring background checks for private sales of long guns.

Representatives also approved a measure allowing judges to use emergency orders to have law enforcement temporarily seize the firearms of someone in crisis.

Rep. Jennifer O’Mara, D-165 and the chief sponsor of the Emergency Risk Protection Order bill, said passing the legislation was important to her because her father died by suicide with a gun when she was 13.

“We know that in 19 states where this has passed, it has been proven to lower suicide rates,” she said.

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