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Peru Officially Classifies Trans And Intersex People As ‘Mentally Ill’

by Jacob M. Thompson


With just weeks away from International Pride month, Peru decided to stir-up the beehive by officially classifying transgenderism and intersex identities as “mentally ill.”

Peruvian president Dina Boluarte signed a decree that defines “transsexualism” and “gender identity disorder in children” as mental illnesses, along with “dual-role transvestitism,” “fetishistic transvestism,” and “other gender identity disorders” listed under the same umbrella.

Pink News reported that ‘the country’s health ministry reportedly claimed following the decree’s announcement that it was the only way it could “guarantee full coverage of medical attention for mental health.”’

Last week, before the bill was signed into law the health ministry said LGBTQIA+ people ‘should not be subjected to so-called “conversion therapies” and pointed to a 2021 resolution which protects against conversion therapy practices.’

Cited by The TelegraphPercy Mayta-Tristán, a medical researcher at Lima’s Scientific University of the South, said that the law may have been well-intentioned, but it revealed a lack of awareness of complex issues surrounding the LGTBQOA+ crowd…



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