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Poland, Baltics Join Forces to Build Maginot-Style Defensive Line on Border With Russia, Belarus

By Ilya Tsukanov

Poland and the Baltic states’ entry into NATO in the late 1990s and early 2000s resulted in NATO forces directly on Russia’s borders – in violation of commitments made by the US not to expand the alliance beyond a reunified Germany. Throughout the Ukrainian crisis, Poland and the Baltics have been at the forefront of anti-Russian hysteria.

Polish Deputy Defense Minister Cezary Tomczyk has announced plans to join forces with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to build a unified Baltic defense line on the borders with Russia and Belarus.
“This is very important to us,” Tomczyk said, speaking at a meeting with defense ministers of northern European countries on Thursday.

The initiative, dubbed ‘Baltic Shield’, comes on the heels of plans by Warsaw announced last week to spend 10 billion zlotys (about $2.5 billion) to create an ‘environmentally friendly’ network of forts, roadblocks, flood zones, anti-tank ditches and firing positions near the borders with Russia’s Kaliningrad and Belarus known as ‘Shield East’. The two projects will be combined.

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