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Progressive talk show host, David Pakman, asks if murdered Christians weren’t praying enough


by FuzzyChimp

In a contemptible attempt to score points against Christians praying in the wake of school shootings, progressive talk show host, David Pakman, instead came off as a heartless schmuck.

Pakman feigns disbelief that people could be murdered at a Christian school. After all, aren’t those the people who are always offering their thoughts and prayers?

That was the gist of David Pakman’s tweet, but the point he was trying to make wasn’t even honest. According to Pakman, ‘lack of prayer is often blamed for these horrible events’.






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One Comment

  1. Duncan Adams Duncan Adams March 28, 2023

    Here is the gig as I see it . They died cause God wanted them to . What ? Yes .
    My observation .
    God’s in control .
    What He does not do He ordains by allowing .
    In Greenwood Park Mall – Greenwood IN a suburb of Indy.
    Last year a guy came into the food court and killed at least one maybe two people.
    A young man about 21 was there with a sidearm . Just another shopper . Reports vary .But he was about 40 yards from the shooter . He fired 10 times at a moving target and got an 80% shot placement . For those that don’t understand that . That is kinda on the order of a John Wick gunfight . Not just my assessment .Guy Relford from WIBC “ The gun Guy “ that has a lot of training under his belt made the statement he could not have done that good . Neither could I .. IF that had happened to me the day after I got out of Gunsight Academy from a 5.5 day course with 1000 round shot . I don’t think I could have done it . Guy”s assessment . God had his hand on this man . I concur . You just don’t shoot that good unless you train A LOT . He was just another guy with little training .
    So MY OPINION and just that .
    God intervened at Greenwood . The gunman had more ammo and a lot of targets at in the Food Court . Now one could come back and say God had his hands on the cops that got him stopped …. OK I’ll go there to a point . I do believe this . The kids that died in that School . God wanted them dead just like the 2 at Greenwood Mall .

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