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Pronoun Pushback: Jonathan Chait Plays the ‘Basic Decency’ Card on J.K. Rowling

By FuzzyChimp 


As Twitchy readers know, J.K. Rowling is once again under fire for ‘comparing’ a man to a man because he is a man (who claims he is a woman).

This prompted a later post by Rowling where she addressed the claim that she, a slight 5-foot 4-inch 58-year-old woman, was bullying a beefy British football manager who identifies himself as ‘Lucy Clark’.

This is not difficult. If you want to call a thing something that it’s not, you have that right. You do not have the right to demand that everyone else join your delusion.

But enough about the British calling soccer ‘football’.

Lucy Clark is a grown man. He can live however he chooses whether we agree with his choices or not, but expecting everyone to call him a woman? No.

Judge for yourself:

Every person throughout all of human history until about 10 years ago would agree that Clark is a man.

The vast majority of those who argue otherwise still know he’s a man, but it has become socially fashionable to pretend it’s not so.

That’s when Jonathan Chait entered the chat to deploy the ‘decency’ torpedo…



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