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Public Schools and the State’s Omnipotent Bayonet

By George F. Smith

From everything I read you would think we were incapable of solving social problems.

In truth, we find matters only getting worse because the proposed solutions almost always involve the culprit — the state — taking more control over our lives.

The state is a box we desperately need to think outside of if we’re ever going to establish civil relations among people. We would do well to remember that the state is absolutely not in the business of making our lives better. It is an institution appended to the rest of society through force for the purpose of enriching the lives of its members.

Modern welfare states might make this difficult to understand, but it’s no less true.  The State is not in the business of producing wealth and then distributing it to the most needy or deserving. It is not the successful entrepreneur turned humanitarian when it dishes out payments to favored beggars, whether they be unemployed workers, corporate cronies, foreign dictators, research facilities, or any other rent seeker.  It is best thought of as a homicidal thief who takes pains to appear as a good guy.

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One Comment

  1. doug doug May 6, 2024

    Think he’s got it completely wrong. WE CANNOT afford to lose the public school system. We CAN though get it back to the days of old where Reading, Writing, And the Arithmetic agenda is followed. Prayer in school, not the place, Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance should be mandatory in every School. Shootings in schools are happening because of parenting or lack of, and the loose morals we’ve allowed to flourish in the last years. Let’s look back to the past to find the future. Those guidelines and virtues are what made our country great. They CAN And WOULD Do it AGAIN!!

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