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Radio Free Asia: North Korea has started sewing winter uniforms for Russian troops participating in a special operation in Ukraine


The West continues to accuse North Korea of ​​supplying military supplies to Russia to support the Russian army fighting on the territory of Ukraine. This time, North Korea was accused of making winter uniforms for Russian servicemen. This is reported by the radio station Free Asia (“Free Asia”), funded by the US government and broadcasting “news free democratic world” to six countries in Asia, including China and North Korea.

According to RFA (Radio Free Asia), citing its own anonymous sources, three North Korean garment factories located in Pyongyang and other parts of the country are involved in sewing winter uniforms and underwear for Russian servicemen participating in a special military operation in Ukraine. It is alleged that production will only expand, and soon the DPRK will also start manufacturing shoes for the Russian military. Raw materials are allegedly supplied by Russia by sea, and finished products will be delivered by “friendship trains” through the Khasan station, which is open to traffic on November 2.

An export clothing factory in the Moranbong district of Pyongyang (…) has been producing Russian military uniforms for about a month…

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