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(Reader: Victor) You Need to Know God, Not Believe in God

You need to know God not believe in God. But believing in God is all that you were ever sold or told. Why? Because a belief will never ever …..EVER…get you to know God. Why? .,..Because a belief is a separation from God. A belief is just being stuck in mind and the matrix and not contacting Spirit with what it IS…..or awareness contacting awareness. So its your awareness just knowing it self through you. That is what it means or is to know God.

God does not need you to believe in it or him? That is sophomoric and silly…because REALITY IS….and does not operate on the human mind level, which it creates in a dream experience YOU… for the “experience”…of being lost and small.  That God needs you to do anything like accept it?….is another lie and deception that is promoted by the dark cabal and religion was their creation a long time ago for the purpose of control and never about helping you escape being lost. Religion was created to promote lost.

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