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Red Bull Wingsuit Flyers Sail THROUGH London’s Iconic Tower Bridge in Spectacular Video

By Bob Hoge


Time to step away from the abhorrent Michael Cohen, mumbling bumbling Joe Biden, and pro-Hamas protesters for a moment to watch a truly spectacular video showing two Australian wingsuit divers working for Red Bull jumping out of a helicopter flying at over 3,000 feet. But that’s not the amazing part—they then maneuvered through the air at high speeds and swooshed through London’s Tower Bridge. I say “through” because they went under the top deck but above the bottom deck.

I’ve jumped out of a plane a couple of times, and I can tell you when they yell “go” and you take that jump is one of the most intense moments a person will ever feel. But these skydivers take it up to another level entirely, because they don’t just get to free fall for a bit and then pull the string on their parachute—they have to precisely guide their way toward the bridge, pull off a maneuver known as “the flare,” and avoid smashing into its ancient stone towers.


The daring duo, who have completed 22,000 skydives between them, prepared for more than two years for this jaw-dropping stunt:

Marco Fürst and Marco Waltenspiel, two Austrian pro skydivers for Red Bull, jumped roughly 3,000 feet from a helicopter, according to the New York Post (NYP). The two partook in a 45-second flight towards the River Thames, reaching a max speed of 154 mph, the outlet noted.

The pair can be seen in the video doing a “flare” maneuver towards the river, the outlet noted. A cloud of pink can be seen trailing behind the daredevils…



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