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Red Cross Caught Spiking Blood with Covid mRNA Vax

By Hunter Fielding


The American Red Cross has been caught pumping unvaccinated patients with blood that has been tainted with Covid mRNA vaccines.

The organization claims that it prevents patients who’ve recently received a Covid vaccine from donating blood.

However, a worker tells an undercover journalist they don’t separate donated blood by vaccination status.

They also often mix the two together to contaminate the unvaxxed blood with Covid mRNA vaccines.

Blood batches that have been spiked with mRNA vaccines and are routinely transfused into unwitting patients, officials with the American Red Cross told an undercover journalist.

Following revelations that the American Red Cross is asking potential blood donors whether they’ve recently received a COVID-19 vaccine, undercover journalists with Stephen Crowder’s Louder With Crowder team found that the Red Cross does not separate donated blood by vaccination status, despite screening for vaccination.

“[In] situations where you may be in a car accident or something, you need blood right away, there is a possibility that you’ll be getting vaccinated blood,” a phone operator at the American Red Cross told an undercover journalist posing as a physician.

Asked if a patient could possibly learn whether they were receiving “vaccinated blood,” the Red Cross worker replied, “There isn’t any way.

“The blood isn’t separated, you know, depending on if you’re vaccinated or not.”

The worker added, “The only way that they can get it, blood that’s not vaccinated, is if they donate for themselves, or if they have a family member that’s willing to donate for them.”

Elsewhere in the call, the Red Cross worker described an anecdote of a situation in which a blood donation from a vaccinated person was denied because she began experiencing ringing in her ears, a common side effect associated with the COVID-19 vaccine…


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