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Russian troops advanced along Yasinovatsky Lane to a forested area in the southeast of Avdeevka

By Top War


Fighting continues in the Avdeevka area and within the city limits. The weather conditions are already close to truly winter. During the week, weather forecasters promise light frost and snowfall on this section of the front, which will change approaches to the use of military equipment and camouflage.

To date, it is reported that Russian troops, having advanced in the southeast of Avdeevka, have reached new positions – to the area of ​​​​the forested park area located to the west of the industrial zone. There are battles in the western part of the Industrial Zone, part of the Ukrainian forces in this direction, under attacks from Russian troops, were forced to retreat to a forested area – to Dokuchaev Street – where it intersects with the mentioned Yasinovatsky Lane.

At the same time, having taken control of the Yasinovataya-2 railway station, located within the city limits of Avdeevka, the Russian Armed Forces advanced to the western part of the Vinogradniki gardening partnership…


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