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‘Russia’s Not Bluffing’: Tactical Nuke Drills are Deafening Warning to NATO to Stay Out of Ukraine

By Ilya Tsukanov

Russia’s military has parried bellicose statements by officials and lawmakers in Washington, Paris and London about deploying troops in Ukraine by announcing drills involving battlefield nuclear weapons. Sputnik asked Earl Rasmussen, a 20-year veteran of the US Army-turned independent military and foreign affairs observer, what it all means.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has characterized Russia’s upcoming tactical nuclear missile drills as a bid by Moscow to “cool down the ‘hot heads’ in Western capitals” threatening to deploy ground troops in Ukraine, and take other aggressive steps which threaten to escalate the proxy war in Ukraine into a full-blown Russia-NATO conflagration.

The exercises “must be considered in the context of recent bellicose statements by Western officials and the sharply destabilizing actions taken by a number of NATO countries to pressure Russia with force, and to create additional threats to the security of our country in connection with the conflict in and around Ukraine,” the ministry said in a press statement on Monday.

This includes threats to provide new forms of “direct assistance” to Kiev, including the transfer of increasingly advanced weapons to the Zelensky regime, as well as the US decision to tear up arms control agreements with Russia in a bid to militarize both Europe and Asia, Moscow said.

The drills should “help [NATO] realize the possible catastrophic consequences of the strategic risks they generate, and keep them from both assisting the Kiev regime in its terrorist actions, and from being drawn into a direct armed confrontation with Russia,” the Ministry said.


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