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SCOTUS Nullifies Lower Court Ruling Giving Teen The Right To Seek An Abortion Without Parental Notification


The Supreme Court vacated a lower court’s ruling that found a Missouri teenager had a right to seek permission for an abortion without parental knowledge.

The case, Chapman v. Doe, was initially brought by a 17-year old girl, “Jane Doe,” against a state court clerk, Michelle Chapman, who Doe argues violated her Fourteenth Amendment rights by saying her parents would have to be notified if she wanted to apply for a judicial bypass to the state’s abortion parental consent requirement. Before its abortion ban took effect, Missouri law required minors to secure written parental consent before obtaining an abortion, a requirement that could be bypassed with a judge’s permission following a court hearing.

Chapman argued she had quasi-judicial immunity because the judge told her he would not hear the case without notifying the parents, but the Eighth Circuit ruled against Chapman’s immunity claim.

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