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Secretary of Defense Austin dishonored JFK at AIPAC


The annual AIPAC Policy Conference traditionally attracted a mass rather than elite attendance. Jewish federations strategically located in every major population center and other nodes of the $6 billion Israel affinity ecosystem worked hard at mass turnout.

As a 501(c)(4) lobbying organization, AIPAC’s main goal was to influence hundreds of politicians to adopt policies favorable to Israel’s government. These policies include unconditional foreign aid, advanced weapons and turning a blind eye to Israel’s human rights record. These objectives have remained unchanged since the organization was set up by Israel and the Jewish Agency decades ago with overseas funding.

Funds AIPAC raises from individuals as a lobbying organization are not tax-deductible. So rather than use its own non-tax deductible funds on the annual AIPAC Policy Conference, AIPAC created a cutout 501(c)(3) education organization. The American Israel Education Foundation raises tax-deductible “educational” donations which it can then transfer to AIPAC…

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