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‘She/Her Resister’ Asks Americans to Pay More Taxes and Whoa Nelly, That Does NOT Go Over Well

By Grateful Calvin 


Leftists love making up strawman scenarios in order to guilt people into supporting their positions. For instance, they demand that pro-lifers pay for every baby, from cradle to grave, or they’re not really pro-life.

In fairness, you can hardly blame them. For a long time, this tactic worked on far too many people. Maybe not true conservatives (like our Twitchy readers), but with people in the middle who just want to be seen as kind and compassionate, and don’t like confrontation.

It is becoming very clear, however, that this playbook isn’t working anymore. People have SEEN what the left does with more money and more power, and no one likes it even a little bit. Just take a look at Joe Biden’s basement-dwelling approval ratings for proof of that.

But they still like to try. This weekend, one leftist, Barbara Janik, decided to play the game with taxes. We don’t know who Janik is (she says she wrote a book about Osama bin Laden, but we’ve never heard of it). But she DOES call herself a ‘resister’ and lists her ‘preferred’ pronouns, so it’s easy to conclude that her question was not coming from a place of honest inquiry. Take a look:

Quick tip, Babs: If you want to play the compassion gaslighting game, don’t bring taxes into it. People HATE paying taxes, and not just conservatives.

But when you add in the myth that increased taxes will help feed everyone or give everyone medical care? Yeah, no one is buying that nonsense. We know too well what the government does with OUR money…



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