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SHOCK CLAIM: Rocker Jim Morrison ‘found ALIVE’ living as homeless hippy in New York

THE Doors legend Jim Morrison ‘faked his own death’ and is living as an ageing homeless hippy in New York, according to a conspiracy theorist.

The cameraman has posted seven encounters with the man, who insists his name is Richard, he claims could be “The Lizard King” in hiding on Youtube.

During the short clips which the “Jim Morrison” recites poetry, like the infamous The Doors frontman used to, even sings, and does his trademark dance with arms out wide.

Morrison died on July 3 1971 at the age of just 27.

The wild man of rock, who would be 71 if he were still alive, was found in the bath of an apartment in Le Marais, Paris, France, and was said to have died of heart failure due to his drink and drug fuelled years in the limelight as one of America’s biggest bands.

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