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Shock Video: Illegals Pelt Border Agents With Rocks, Bottles During Skirmish In Texas

By Border Hawk


A mob of illegal aliens attacked Border Patrol agents during a violent incursion at the international barrier in Texas this week, authorities say.

The shocking incident unfolded near the Santa Teresa Port of Entry on the outskirts of El Paso.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) released aerial footage of the skirmish, which kicked off when illegals stormed the border fence and began climbing over using a rope ladder.

Border Patrol agents can be seen rushing to the barrier to confront the invaders, at least one of whom had already touched down.

Male illegals atop the barrier began throwing water bottles down at agents while others slung sand and rocks through the fence.

“This type of criminal behavior is inexcusable & will not be tolerated in Texas,” TxDPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez wrote on X.

“The lack of accountability & failed border policies has emboldened transnational criminal organizations & those who do not respect our laws & first responders…



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