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SHOCKING Recording of Zoom Call Reveals Trainers for Dem Poll Challengers Saying “ICU” Thugs Are “There to back you up” and “A lot of what you’ll be doing is ‘ratting out’ the Republicans” [VIDEO]

By Patty McMurray

Yesterday, 100 Percent Fed Up shared a disturbing development related to the so-called “security” in the upcoming election on Tuesday in Detroit.

On Thursday, MI GOP SoS candidate Kristina Karamo, who is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey, held a press conference where she explained why she joined the lawsuit that addresses the lack of seriousness and security surrounding signature verification of absentee ballots: [The] “State was required to use the Michigan Administrative Procedures Act to promulgate rules for signature verification and that the SOS guidance informing clerks that the signatures were presumed valid and that the ‘any redeeming characteristic standard’ was unlawful,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit continues, “No signature comparison process has been made into a rule. The lack of a signature standard means that the process involving a mailed-in ballot investigation or online registration is unlawful; and as it is the only alternative that does not require an absentee voter to show identification at the precinct in order to obtain the ballot this entire scheme must be declared invalid.”…

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