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Sniper in Florida fires through computer monitor to take out bank robber holding hostages

By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton 


The Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida released video footage on Saturday that shows a bad-ass sniper shooting through a computer monitor to take out an armed bank robber.

The incident took place on Feb. 6 at a Fort Myers Bank of America where the robber was holding hostages. The sniper deliberately shot through the monitor and hit the criminal dead center in the forehead sending him into oblivion instantly.

According to Fox News, Sheriff Carmine Marceno said responding deputies reported the assailant had a knife and was claiming he also had a bomb. He was holding a man and a woman hostage and at one point was holding the knife to the woman’s throat. He tried to use her as a human shield. Thankfully, no one was hurt except the robber.

“We tried to negotiate with him continuously,” Marceno stated during a press conference. Despite all efforts, the suspect decided to take hostages rather than surrender which turned out to be a fatal mistake.

“It was after the suspect ‘presented deadly force’ that an LCSO Special Operations Unit sniper fired a ‘planned and deliberate shot through a computer monitor,’ striking the suspect in the center of the forehead and killing him instantly,” Fox News noted…


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