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So Much for ‘Make My Day’: Check Out Actual List of Biden Campaign DEMANDS Before Joe Will Debate Trump

By Sam J.


As Twitchy readers know, Joe Biden released a 15 second clip with at least six different edits getting all big and bad about debating Trump. The dork even said, ‘Make my day.’ 


Welp, his little video was pretty damn funny before, but when you see the actual list of demands Biden’s campaign has made that have to be met before he will debate Trump it gets even more hilarious. And pathetic.

Take a look at this:

His post continues:

– Only Biden-friendly outlets & anchors can moderate (from CBS, ABC, CNN or Telemundo).

No audience.

No RFK Jr.

Trump can’t talk during Biden’s answers … do they not know what a debate is?

And only Biden-friendly outlets.

Just wow, you guys. Doesn’t sound a whole lot like, ‘Make my day,’ to us…



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