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South Africa – Bloody Kempton Park guest room – What happened in this room?

By Krugersdorp News

A grim scene in a guest room at a lodge revealed a bloody scenario in Kempton Road on Monday morning, which remains a mystery since the police could not yet confirm the nature of the incident.

Initially called out for medical assistance, paramedics told Kempton Express on scene they could not locate a body. P&C Security was first called to the scene on May 3 at approximately 10am to respond to the panic button that was sounded by the lodge’s management. ER24 responded shortly after.

Officials on scene located a knife underneath the mattress of the bed, which had a concrete base lined with tiles. According to the owner of the lodge, *Lester, the room had been occupied since May 1 at 4am. Lester said he looked in the registration book and saw the person made a second payment on Sunday afternoon. He paid cash, which he took from a black plastic bag that was later found on the scene.

The scene was discovered by the lodge’s receptionist on Monday morning, according to Lester.

“My workers checked in with rooms that have been occupied to enquire if the guests want their rooms to be serviced. My receptionist knocked on this particular room and said there was no response. “She then opened the door and saw all the blood but that nobody was inside. She called me and I told her to leave it and to call security.”

On Tuesday, Lester confirmed he had checked the lodge’s CCTV footage, which showed a man entering the room alone carrying a small zip-bag.

The aftermath found by a lodge staff member following the stay of a guest that occupied the room alone over the weekend. This scene depicts bloody footprints and handprints.
According to the owner of the lodge, his staff members confirmed the blankets were all intact and that none of the sheets or blankets were missing.
The bloody footsteps led into the bathroom where more blood was found against the walls, leading into the shower.
The blood trailed into the bathroom. Photo: Supplied
A chair was found in the shower with a bloody handprint on the wall along with more splatter and a puddle of blood on the shower tiles.

P&C Security’s area manager, Rudolph Espach, confirmed he visited the lodge again on Tuesday and that the footage revealed the male guest leaving on Monday at around 6am.

“He exited the guestroom with no signs of injuries – like nothing was wrong. He seemed perfectly normal,” said Espach. During this mystery guest’s stay over the weekend, footage showed another male companion outside of the guestroom talking to the guest on Sunday evening. Espach said the male companion never entered the room, according to the footage, and he left after approximately 40 minutes.

When asked whether his lodge requests a guest’s ID number upon check-in, Lester said they only record the names and cellphone numbers of guests. “Unfortunately, our records don’t have the guest’s cellphone number,” he admitted.

The spokesperson for Kempton Park SAPS, Sgt Dipuo Ditshego, confirmed police were summoned to the scene on Monday. She stated: “On arrival, police met with the owner of the lodge and checked the room. They found a lot of blood but nobody was inside.”

Ditshego stated police viewed the video footage since the point of the guest’s check-in at the lodge and that no other movement was detected until the guest had left.

                                                 Officials who attended the scene in Kempton Road on Monday morning discovered a knife underneath the   bed’s mattress.

“No docket has been opened. SAPS members could not open a case for investigation as they could not determine the nature of the investigation.” Ditshego confirmed that a forensic team did not attend the scene. “There has to be a reference number before a forensic team can respond to a scene. But since there was no case opened, there was no reference number,” she said.

She was also asked whether the police received reports of bodies found in the area since the scene was discovered. Ditshego did not answer this question.

*Name has been changed


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