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Spooky Google Home now recognizes your specific voice from unique voice patterns, enabling it to track which person is talking to it

Google Home, the company’s virtual assistant, can now tell the difference between you and five other people. The update will allow the cylindrical device to distinguish voices and formulate responses for each specific user. Personalized information such as music preference, commute times, schedules, and shopping data can instantly be accessed after voice-activating the assistant. The current iteration, however, is not fool-proof and exposes users to several security hazards.

A TV advert by Burger King, which sneakily used the phrase, “Okay, Google” (the response phrase) activated millions of people’s phones to read out the Wikipedia entry of their Whopper burger which had been edited to promote the brand. This created a fury of backlash for both Burger King and Google. Wikipedia has since blocked the page.

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