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Standing Up Against the White House Plot to Shut Down Discussion of Lab Leak Theory, COVID Shot Effects

By Jennifer Van Laar 


A nearly 900-page report released last week by the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government details the Biden White House’s dirty and unconstitutional plot to bully Big Tech companies into censoring conservative journalism and speech online, and the ways in which Big Tech sometimes voluntarily went even further than Biden’s enforcers asked, to curry favor for their pet legislative issues.

Big Tech companies called this censorship a change in their content “moderation policy.” At RedState, we have hundreds and hundreds of stories that were — and still are — being targeted by these “moderation policy” changes.

Last year, a federal judge said the situation “arguably involves the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history” and directed all federal agencies engaged in this censorship and unconstitutional policing to stop all contact with private social media platforms immediately. However, the damage of algorithm censorship — which categorizes topics like climate change, COVID-19, illegal immigration, crime, opposition to transgender ideology, and much more as “misinformation” or “dangerous and derogatory” — has already been done. As the report concludes:

While the Biden White House’s pressure campaign largely succeeded, its effects were devastating. By suppressing free speech and intentionally distorting public debate in the modern town square, ideas and policies were no longer fairly tested and debated on their merits. Instead, policymakers implemented a series of public health measures that proved to be disastrous for the country. From unnecessary extended school closures to unconstitutional vaccine mandates that forced workers to take a newly developed vaccine or risk losing their jobs, the Biden Administration and other officials needlessly imposed harm and suffering on Americans across the country…



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