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Study Prepared for the Liberal Party of Canada Finds Covid-19 Vaccines Not 100% Effective; 6 Times More Vaccinated People are in ICU and 5 Times More are Hospitalized

By Jim Hoft


The Liberals led by tyrant Justin Trudeau knew that they were completely wrong in their decision-making and action regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

A recent report prepared for the Liberal Party of Canada in June confirmed that “vaccines do not reduce hospitalizations and deaths among people under the age of 60.”

Independent researchers of the highest caliber evaluated government data from Ontario. The experts conclude that the Covid-19 vaccines are not 100% effective in preventing infection and hospitalization even with booster shots. They are opposed to the continuation of mass vaccination campaigns, mandates, passport requirements, and travel restrictions for people of all ages.

Do the COVID-19 vaccines prevent infection and hospitalization?



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