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T-90 vs Challenger 2: who has a better chance?

T-90 vs Challenger 2: who has a better chance?
T-90 vs Challenger 2: who has a better chance?



Judging by how events are unfolding, it is quite possible (we have already considered it) when their Challenger-2 will meet in confrontation with our T-90M. In fact, in place of the Russian tank anyone can turn out to be, from the T-62M to the T-90M, and here an interest arises: can a British tank really be able to show something like that on the battlefield?

Residents of the British Isles are considered by many to be reserved and conservative. In fact, those who have never been to British League football may think so. But yes, there is conservatism. But in fact, it is also quite flexible. Here the best example is Triumph, one of the oldest (1887) motorcycle companies in the world. Yes, in 1983 the Triumph went bankrupt, the Japanese brought it under the monastery, but immediately got up and continued with the new owner to produce very decent equipment. Modern, with a twist. And not inferior to Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki and successfully competing with them.

So what is really new in British approaches is more than. To whom the Triumph is not enough, you can look at the Rolls-Royce, although this is no longer a completely British product. But – perfectly combining the classics and the latest technology.





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