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The enterprise A.I. imperative: Tom Siebel talks to Alan Murray

Thoughts on enterprise A.I. from the mind behind

By Fortune

Enterprise A.I. use cases are diverse, from identifying money laundering activity to predicting aircraft failure to optimizing clean energy usage. According to a 2019 McKinsey survey, 58% of respondents said their company had embedded an A.I. capability into their organization, but a recent NewVantage Partners survey suggests that only 14.6% of companies have deployed A.I. into widespread production. This is because enterprise A.I. is complex, and evidence clearly shows that building the platform internally is not a pathway to success. In this exclusive interview, Fortune CEO Alan Murray and founder, chairman, and CEO Tom Siebel talk about the force of nature that is enterprise A.I., and why CEOs need to pay attention to it now—or risk getting disrupted.





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