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The EPA Gives Funds to a Group That Claims Palestine is a ‘Climate Justice Issue’



The Biden administration has been the most generous administration in history. Generous to “whom” is the big question.

Five trillion dollars was spent on COVID relief with untold billions not giving “relief” except to favored constituencies. Billions of dollars just floating around waiting for crooks, charlatans, shysters, and liberal interest groups to pick up the cash off the floor and pocket it.

Did it have anything to do with “COVID relief”? If it had six degrees of separation from the pandemic, you’re in.

We already know that at least $400 billion was stolen or wasted. But Biden might have done a better job with shoveling money to his friends in the “Inflation Reduction Act” (sic), which was never meant to reduce inflation as the only thing it reduced was the size of the wallets of taxpayers.

The IRA was the ultimate election payoff to Biden’s friends: teachers, unions, greenies, and the entire nongovernmental organization infrastructure. Digging through who got the goodies in the IRA is an experience. But the Wall Street Journal found what might be the pièce de résistance of government stupidity and antisemitism.

The latest funding scam involves the deliberately nebulous term “climate justice.” It’s a catch-all for any grievance that the leftist grievance machine needs to justify. That includes “justice” for Palestine and ending capitalism…



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