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The fake History of Cairo-Babylon

By Fake History


They say Ancient Egypt was a civilization along the Nile River that began around 3100 BC (5000 years ago) and ended 1100 BC. Lasting 2000 years, it brought forth the Great Pyramids of Giza and other marvels. This you learn in school, on TV, in Encyclopedias. The History is considered settled. Settled means the subject is closed, no longer open for questioning. It’s been solved long ago.

In an earlier article, I proposed ancient Rome didn’t exist. Now I’d like to offer that ancient Egypt didn’t exist.

At least not as a distinct entity. Things that make it “distinct”, such as the Pyramids, can also be found elsewhere – in Iraq, India and as far away as Mexico and Peru, just to name a few. I’m also claiming that its events played out much more recently – within the last 1000 years. I hope to prove to you that the “Great Pyramids” did not exist more than 1000 years ago. 

A few months ago a map, dated 1536, caught my attention…


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