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The Faking of Historical Timelines

By Fake History


Over a series of books, Russian historian Anatoly Fomenko points out the similaries between the reign of kings in different countries, as if they were a copy-paste fabrications.

Here’s a comparison of the Kings of Navarre, in Spain and the Swedish Kings and the number of years they ruled. The number of years in brackets, indicated by the green line.

A comparison of the Habsburg Empire and the Russian Empire. They might as well be the exactly same kings. Which one is the “real”, which the copy?

Is only one of these fabricated or both?

Were the scribes too lazy to make up a new narrative so they copied a story, changing only a few names, places and details?

Without the Habsburg dynasty, which ruled in central Europe, there really is no “European History”.

And without the Russian Empire, there is no “Russian History”.

A list of Popes from different centauries, and their reign over “the Holy Roman Empire”:

There are only small variations, as if the histories were lazily copied, then slightly altered.

Fomenko’s comparison of England and the Byzantine Empire:

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Fomenko provides many more examples, along with evidence that documents, narratives and even statues were also forged to support fake Histories…


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