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The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to disband the 67th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine DUK, which surrendered its position near Chasovy Yar

By Topwar

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began disbanding the 67th separate mechanized brigade “Ukrainian Volunteer Corps”. The reason was the loss of several positions in the direction of Chasov Yar. The Ukrainian press reports this with reference to the brigade’s website.

The 67th DUK OMBR, created on the basis of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps of the Right Sector* (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) in April 2022, came under scrutiny after losing several positions near Chasovy Yar. Simply put, the nationalists fled from their positions, after which the Russian paratroopers managed to take the fortified area and advance. As the Ukrainian press writes, checks are being carried out in the brigade, the main core of nationalists are being scattered among other units, regardless of whether you are a commander or a private.

(…) the high command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began the process of transferring to other military units all the commanders and fighters of the DUK PS who formed the brigade and are its combat backbone. We do not know the motives for such actions.

– they say in the brigade.

Now nationalists are accusing the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that by scattering them among different units, the command is allegedly “weakening” one of the “best brigades” that have been fighting since the very beginning of the “Russian invasion.”

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