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The Heroic Anti-War Students

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Anti-war students have been staging protests and demonstrations on a great many university campuses throughout America. A number of so-called “conservatives” have called for the police to arrest the students. Zionists groups accuse the students of “anti-Semitism” and demand that they be expelled from school. In fact, libertarians should welcome these protests. They bring back memories of the Vietnam War student protests that participated in,  brought down the war-criminal LBJ.

The student protests today are actually quite moderate. They call for an end to genocide in Gaza and recognition of the rights of Palestinians who have been killed and had their land taken away from them. Let’s look at an example, the demonstrations at Columbia University, which are ongoing as I write.

Here is a statement about the way the Columbia University administration responded to the demonstrators, written by a number of philosophy graduates and alumni:

“We, current and former graduate students of the Department of Philosophy at Columbia University, are appalled at the decision taken on April 18th by the University President to violate principles of academic freedom and free speech by authorizing the forcible removal and arrest of 108 of our students and colleagues.

On April 18th, the President of Columbia University, in the name of “safety,” brought armed police into our campus to use physical force against students who had established a non-violent encampment in support of Palestine on Columbia’s South Lawn. The encampment did not disrupt classes. It did not block access to campus or buildings. Nevertheless, the police were called in after only a day. The President took this action against the recommendation of the University Senate, violating principles of shared governance established in the wake of the 1968 protests. As a result of these arrests and suspensions, students have sustained injuries, lost access to Columbia health services, and been evicted from student housing with less than 15 minutes to gather their belongings.

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One Comment

  1. doug doug May 6, 2024

    While I never protested, a little different today than in the 60’s. Many of those protesting were in college for 1, if you were in college, you would be immune from the draft and 2, If they were drafted, they could well expect themselves to be shuttled to the front lines in Viet Nam. Not to mention that many had relatives , family or friends that were fighting over there. These spoiled brats of today have no skin in the game and that even includes tax $’s that they have earned going to pay for this aid. Let them forfeit graduation this semester and then, without all the frills, graduate at a convenient time for the college that doesn’t disrupt Norman classes.

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