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The IMF said that due to geopolitical differences, the world economy was divided into three blocks

By Top War


The rapidly worsening geopolitical tensions in recent years have already led to serious changes in various spheres of human life. At the same time, the world economy turned out to be the most sensitive to “turbulence,” which is right now trying to adapt to new realities.

Large-scale anti-Russian sanctions, the trade war between the United States and China, as well as other negative factors have led to the fact that the usual trade chains have been almost completely destroyed, and new ones are emerging in their place.

As a result, as the IMF leadership recently stated, against the backdrop of emerging global disagreements, the world economy was divided into three blocks. Moreover, two of them are concentrated around the United States and China, and the third, according to experts from an international financial organization, consists of “unrelated countries.”

By the way, about the latter. We are probably talking about countries in Africa and Latin America. According to many analysts, they will become the decisive factor (depending on who they side with) in the struggle between Washington and Beijing for global economic dominance.

In turn, the most affected party from the tectonic processes taking place in the global economy today appears to be Europe, which, under pressure from the United States, joined anti-Russian sanctions, overnight losing access to relatively cheap energy resources…



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